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The White House has set the agenda: health reform by the end of the year. It's now up to the Divided We Fail coalition to keep the heat on Congress to take action. While Congress was home for the April recess, Divided We Fail supporters like you wrote letters to the editor of their local papers or picked up the phone and called their members of Congress in their local offices.

Now that Congress is back, let's remind them we can't afford to wait for health care reform. Tell Congress that the cost of doing nothing is simply too high.

On April 9th, Divided We Fail, AARP and the Mason City Chamber of Commerce sponsored "The Cost of Doing Nothing on Health Care Reform" with Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee.

Sen Grassley is working closely with Finance Committee members, including the Committee Chair, Sen. Max Baucus, to find bipartisan solutions to the issues facing Congress, including health care reform.

Watch the event and see why Sen. Grassley agrees that we must have reform by the end of the year. 

Earlier this month, over 50,000 people joined AARP's first Nationwide Tele-Town Hall on health reform. Nancy LeaMond, AARP's Executive Vice President of Social Impact and director of the Divided We Fail initiative, hosted the two-hour event. She was joined by a number of speakers, including featured guest Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform.

Learn more about the Tele-Town Hall and read excerpts of DeParle's answers to questions from participants -- and then forward them on to your friends and families.



Landford (LifeLyme) Foundation

Click here for our partnership with the Lanford (LifeLyme) Foundation advocating for Chronic Lyme Disease.



THE LANFORD FOUNDATION - Lifelyme, Inc. is proud to make the following announcement.  

Dr. Leslie Fein, M.D. has been named to our Board of Directors, and has accepted our invitation to serve as Senior Medical Advisor.

It is an truly an honor to have Dr. Fein, MD join our organization.  She has a impressive medical background, and is presently in private practice in Caldwell, New Jersey.  Her  Internship, and Residence was in Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York.   In January of 2008, Dr. Fein, served as the  Medical Director for our conference  "Similarities and Paradoxes in Chronic Illnesses" held in St. Petersburg, FL.   Her presentation at our conference was entitled, "What I have learned in the past 30 years". 

Dr. Fein is a highly respected physician in the Lyme community, and a great addition to our LIFELYME team working on the goal of establishing a Neuro-endocrine-immune disorder Insititute in partnership with PANDORA, Inc.


On The Marc Media Update

Documentary: UNDER OUR SKIN will investigates the

untold truth of Lyme disease and will be featured on The Doctors, a nationally syndicated show, taped in LA. 

"They are asking for people to submit questions about Lyme disease for their panel of doctors to talk about on the show. They also want to hear your stories.  Please ask them to do an entire show, not just a segment on UNDER OUR SKIN and the seriousness of Lyme disease.   If you have not seen the show - check your local listings.  It's syndicated so it is on different times and different channels depending on where you live.   Please spread the word and ask people to write in." 

The taping is next week so there is not much time.  Thanks again for your support.   

Here is the link:

Contact: Sandi Lanford, Founder/President for any & all questions
The Lanford Foundation - Lifelyme, Inc.
Tallahassee, FL

Disclaimer: The mission of  "THE LANFORD FOUNDATION - LIFELYME, INC., is to provide educational information for anyone interested in tick-borne diseases, chronic infectious, systemic diseases and related disorders.  Information presented is intended only for educational exchange.  This information is not offered by LIFELYME as medical advice for anyone. 



Click here for our grant to the Fundacion para la Fibromialgia y el Sindrome de Fatiga Cronica and the collaboration of Dr. Ferran J. Garcia Fructuoso, director of the Institut Ferran de Reumatologia, Barcelona, Spain, to translate the Spanish language version of the Consensus Manual for the Primary Care and Management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME).

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CFIDS Association of America, Inc and P.A.N.D.O.R.A. engage in a partnership
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